Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction Applications - Documentation

This package documents computational examples for fully coupled fluid-structure interaction. The fluid part currently always uses AMROC with its Extented Clawpack Method. The solid part uses the SFC Thin-Shell Finite Element Solver for thin structures or a simple One-dimensional Beam Solver that is intended as an illustrative example for coupling.

The coupling concept is based on an Eulerian-Lagrangian approach in which the solid slides through the fixed Cartesian fluid mesh. The data communication between the solvers is accomplished through the Eulerian-Lagrangian Coupling package. The transformation of the triangular solid surface meshes into distance functions on the Cartesian mesh is done with the Closest Point Transform package.

To study the fluid portion of a particular example, go to the File List page and open the C++ code FluidProblem.h. It includes links to all additional files relevant for the case. Open any other code from the same directory to dive into the solid portion of the case.

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