AMROC's Hierachical Data Structures - Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AllocErrorReports memory allocation errors
BBoxImplementation of a rectangular region in the computational domain in global index coordinates
BBoxListClass BBoxList implements a linked list of BBox
BitVecClass BitVec defines a bit-vector as an array of BitVecType
CoordsImplementation of a point in the computational domain in global index coordinates
DAGHDistributionThe partioner
DAGHMemoryTraceMaintain memory allocation and deallocation traces
DataBucketVoidAssemble records in a consecutive memory block DataBucketVoid for fast communication
DCoordsThis class implements the double precision coordinates of a point in the computational domain
GDB_InteractionStructure GDB_Interaction stores infromation about a single interaction for this GridDataBlock
gdhdrData for an entry inside GridDataBucket
GridBoxA minimal class for maintining BBox information of the composite DAGH structure
GridBoxListClass GridBoxList implements a linked list of GridBox
GridData< Type, 1 >Regular data on a single grid
GridData< Type, 2 >Regular data on a single grid
GridData< Type, 3 >Regular data on a single grid
GridDataBlock< Type, dim >A single grid with data used within a GridFunction
GridDataBucket< Type >Methods dependent on the datatype of the corresponding GridFunction of GridDataBucket
GridDataBucketVoidAssemble GridData-objects of a GridFunction in a consecutive memory regions for communication
GridFunction< GFType, dim >Allocates rectangular grids of arbitrary data type according to the GridHierarchy
GridFunctionVoidCommon behaviour of dimensional-dependent GridFunctions
GridHierarchyGridHierarchy stores the hierarchical structure on an adaptive application
GridTableBasic communication-routines for GridFunction
GridUnitClass GridUnit implements a block with uniform workload of the computational Grid
GridUnitListClass GridUnitList implements a linked list of GridUnits
ObjectCounterProvides a reference counting base class
PeanoHilbertImplementation of Peano-Hilbert space-filling curve
sfcIndexImplementation of space-filling curve
TimingA timing and profiling class
Vector< DataType, size >Generic vector implementation

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