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License and download


Most of the codes of the Virtual Test Facility are free software distributed under the BSD license or the GNU license. Consult the COPYRIGHT and/or README files in subdirectories for additional copyright holders and contributors and details on legal modification and/or redistribution.

  • vtf: COPYRIGHT - Warranty disclaimer
  • vtf/ac/macros: COPYRIGHT - GNU license
  • vtf/amroc: COPYRIGHT - GNU license
    • vtf/amroc/amr: README - GNU license
    • vtf/amroc/clawpack: README - GNU license
    • vtf/amroc/clawpack/src: README - Free to use
    • vtf/amroc/hds: README - GNU license
    • vtf/amroc/weno: README - GNU license
    • vtf/amroc/weno/src and vtf/amroc/weno/unidrivers: COPYRIGHT - BSD license
  • vtf/sfc: COPYRIGHT - Restricted BSD-type license
  • vtf/stlib: COPYRIGHT - BSD license

Note that a significant number of further solvers/discretizations and application cases have been developed within the AMROC/VTF system and are documented in the authors' publications. However, if the corresponding files are not included in the .tgz files below, these codes are not released into the public domain and they are not free-to-use. See AMROC course page for further clarification.


We would like to keep an informal record who is downloading the VTF software. Please fill out the short form below providing the five-character authentication password shown in the graphic below and submit it. You will receive an automated, immediate email response that will provide you with a password for the user name anonymous with which you can access the TAR-files and the CVS repository. Note that this password changes daily at 2:00AM PST.


First & last name: **
Email address: **
Affiliation: **
Authentication: **
     (Fields marked ** are required)

Download TAR-files

All tar-files are compressed with gzip. Access the files with the username anonymous and the current password received via email. If you encounter major problems in downloading the VTF software, feel free to send email to RalfDeiterding.

The fluid-structure coupling routines of the VTF (cf. vtf/stlib/packages/elc) assume a partitioned approach and make use of MPI. Compilation of the directory vtf/fsi, included in VTF-1.0.tgz, FSI-Only-1.0.tgz, and AMROC-Clawpack-1.0.tgz (partially), requires configuration with --enable-mpi=yes or MPI=yes in vtf/setup. See Installation and Configuration.

  • Download only selected pieces
    • Stand-alone AMROC-Clawpack fluid solver plus applications: AMROC-Clawpack-1.0.tgz (7.8M)
    • Stand-alone AMROC-WENO-TCD fluid solver plus applications: AMROC-WENO-1.0.tgz (3.9M)
    • Stand-alone Thin-shell solid solver SFC plus applications: SFC-1.0.tgz (4.6M)
    • Stand-alone FSI applications using AMROC-Clawpack and SFC: FSI-Only-1.0.tgz (17M)

  • Third-party libaries (Binary libaries are provided for convenience only. See Installation and Configuration for details):
    • Binary HDF4.2r1 libraries for selected systems (HDF4 is mandatory for AMROC, configure argument $HDF4_DIR): HDF4.2r1.tgz (3.7M)
    • Binary Visual3 libraries for selected systems (optional for AMROC, configure argument $VISUAL3_DIR): Visual3.tgz (3.0M)
    • Source for Cantera library (optional for AMROC-WENO-TCD, configure argument $CANTERA_DIR): Cantera.tgz (1.4M)

- RalfDeiterding - 29 Dec 2016

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