3D Cylindrical RMI

3D Large Eddy Simulations (LES) are performed for different initial shock Mach number. The Ghost Fluid Method (GFM) allows the use of an inner cylindrical finite radius to regularize the apex. The initial perturbation of the interface has an "egg-carton" shape (|Cos{}|) in both axial and azimuthal direction, on which a smaller symmetry breaking perturbation with random phase is superposed.

More computational details:

  • Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMROC by R. Deiterding)
  • WENO-TCD with LES (stretched-vortex model by D.I. Pullin)
  • GFM for the inner radius
  • Resolution: 83x83x51 base grid, 2 levels of refinement (refine factors 2,2) $\Rightarrow$ equivalent resolution 332x332x204 (10 ppw at least)

Two different simulations are shown, corresponding to two different initial Mach numbers:

As an example, 3 snapshots from the M_{0}=2.0 run are taken at 3 different times of the simulation (for an initial shock interaction at a radius of 1 m):

t=0 ms t=1.45ms test
Initial state (t=0 ms). After the first shock interaction (t=1.45 ms). After the first reshock (t=5.13 ms).

-- ManuelLombardini - Aug 2006

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ScalarLevels_M02.0.mpg manage 5271.0 K 11 Aug 2006 - 22:39 ManuelLombardini Case M_{0}=2.0: Scalar Contours & Refinement levels
ScalarLevels_M1.3.mpg manage 4994.5 K 11 Aug 2006 - 22:40 ManuelLombardini Case M_{0}=1.3: Scalar Contours & Refinement levels

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