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Converging shock simulations in a conical shocktube.

To better exercise the GFM, the converging shock in a conical shocktube VTF simulations were done with both a 3d code and a 2d code. The 2d code required the use of a source term to convert it from a 2d planar simulation (ie a wedge) to a 3d axi-symmetric code. In both cases an analytic level set was used. A brief animation shows the focusing of the shock that occurs: SturtevantConical.avi, and a close up of the shock front DenSchlM6.mpg.

  • Simulation images from 2d and 3d calcuations, time t=0.00016 sec
    2d simulation image 3d simulation image

  • One can see from the simulation results that good agreement is achieved over the majority of the domain, but there is some disagreement near the apex of the cone. Real gas affects may play a role in this.
    Simulation comparision with experiment

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