Extended Clawpack

As a demo and reference application an extended version of Randall J. LeVeque's popular Clawpack package is incorporated into the AMROC framework. Clawpack contains software for solving hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in all space dimensions and is written in Fortran. Especially, a large number of Riemann solvers for various hyperbolic equations has already been formulated (see application section on Clawpack's homepage) and can easily be used within AMROC's Clawpack version. The modular form of Clawpack is preserved completely (a Clawpack-library for each spatial dimension is now build in advance) and should be well-known to Clawpack-users. The small driver-routine to the original Clawpack codes is simply is replaced by the complex AMROC framework. Second-order MUSCL reconstruction for configurable quantities has been added, because the characteristic wave-by-wave reconstruction in the original Clawpack has been found insufficiently robust for strong shock or detonation waves or near-vacuum situations as they easily arise in fluid-structure problems.


-- RalfDeiterding - 04 Dec 2004

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