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Fluid-Structure Interaction with Clawpack

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  • Recommended options for Clawpack together with Ghost-fluid method (GFM) to obtain an absolut robust and reliable method:
    • MUSCL reconstruction in primitive variables: Method(2)>=4 or Method(2)=1 (first order)
    • Dimensional splitting: Method(3)=-2
    • Positivity preserving upwind scheme:
      • Roe+HLL or HLL approximative Riemann solver
      • VanLeer or Steger-Warming flux vector splitting
      • Exact Riemann solver (not always available)
  • Components that cannot be proven to be positivity preserving might also work in some cases:
    • Characteristic Wave-by-wave reconstruction: Method(2)=2
    • Multi-dimensional Wave Propagation Method: Method(3)=2 or 22
    • Roe approximative Riemann solver in original form (without dynamic transition to HLL)

Standard Euler equations with GFM

-- RalfDeiterding - 21 Jan 2005

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