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3D Euler equations - Periodic boundary conditions

Problem description

Circular shock-waves expand and interact in open space. This example demonstrates that AMROC can handle even multiple periodic boundary conditions correctly. See two-dimensional analogue.

Initial / Boundary Conditions


Numerical Simulation

  • Three-dimensional Euler-equations for an ideal gas (Air with gamma=1.4)
  • Wave-propagation algorithm, Minmod-limiter
  • Calculation with CFL-No. 0.8 to time t=0.84
  • AMR-computation with a coarse grid of 30x30x30cells

3 grid levels:

  • Calculation of 58 time steps
  • 2 levels with refinement factor 2 are used.
  • Finest level corresponds to 120x120x120 grid (1.73 M cells)

Results: 3 Levels

-- RalfDeiterding - 06 Dec 2004

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