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2D Euler equations - Forward facing step

Problem description

A stationary mach 3 flow hits a rectangular step. A stable shock-wave pattern with a characteristic mach-stem top of the corner develops after a few time units. This well-known test problem problem demonstrates AMROC's capabilities for multiblock domains. No special entropy correction is applied to cells at the corner. Instead, a numerical method with higher numerical dissipation is chosen to obtain a stable solution.

Initial / Boundary Conditions


Numerical Simulation

  • Two-dimensional Euler-equations for an ideal gas (Air with gamma=1.4)
  • Dimensional splitting, Van Leer solver, MUSCL variable reconstruction with Van Albada limiter
  • Calculation with CFL-No. 0.95 to time t=4.0
  • AMR-computation with a coarse grid of 120x40 cells

2 grid levels:

  • Calculation of 703 time steps
  • 1 levels with refinement factor 2 is used .
  • Finest level corresponds to 240x80 grid (19 K cells)

3 grid levels:

  • Calculation of 317 time steps
  • 2 levels with refinement factor 2 and 4 are used .
  • Finest level corresponds to 960x320 grid (307 K cells)

Reference: P. Woodward, P Colella, The Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Fluid Flow with Strong Shocks, Journal of Computational Physics 54, 115.173 (1984)

Results: 2 Levels / 3 Levels

-- RalfDeiterding - 04 Dec 2004

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