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2D Euler equations - Cylinder

Problem description

A circular shock-wave expands from the left side of a cylinder that is open only at its right side. At all other boundaries are fixed walls that reflect all waves. This simple example demonstrates basic adaptive functionality with different types of boundary conditions.

Initial / Boundary Conditions


Numerical Simulation

  • Two-dimensional Euler-equations for an ideal gas (Air with gamma=1.4)
  • Wave propagation scheme with Minmod wave-limiter and transverse wave propagation
  • Calculation with CFL-No. 0.8 to time t=0.41
  • AMR-computation with a coarse grid of 200x130 cells

2 grid levels:

  • Calculation of 214 time steps
  • 1 levels with refinement factor 2 is used .
  • Finest level corresponds to 400x260 grid (1.04 M cells)

3 grid levels:

  • Calculation of 218 time steps
  • 2 levels with refinement factor 2 and 4 are used .
  • Finest level corresponds to 1600x1040 grid (1.66 M cells)

Results: 2 Levels / 3 Levels

-- RalfDeiterding - 05 Dec 2004

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